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sklademVydáno: 2019-03-28
BS 67000:2019 City resilience. Guide

BS 67000:2019

City resilience. Guide

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Označení normy:BS 67000:2019
Počet stran:64
ISBN:978 0 580 51755 6

BS 67000:2019

This standard BS 67000:2019 City resilience. Guide is classified in these ICS categories:
  • 03.100.01 Company organization and management in general
  • 13.200 Accident and disaster control

This British Standard provides practical guidance and tools for increasing city resilience. It is intended for use by all stakeholders who contribute to city resilience: citizens, organizations, communities, government and business. The guidance is also relevant to towns or a wider area, such as that covered by a local enterprise partnership (LEP).

This British Standard builds on the growing portfolio of guidance on this evolving subject from initiatives such as the UNISDR ten essentials [1] and the 100 Resilient Cities [2] programme (pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation), and lessons learned from cities. It defines key concepts and terms, and sets out a general framework (see Clause 5 and Figure 2) that assists the prioritization, integration and development of local strategies and plans, to increase a city’s resilience. The guidance is intended to support the following activities:

  1. engage and motivate city, community and business leaders to address resilience and provide the necessary conditions for success;

  2. improve a city’s understanding of resilience challenges over the short, medium and long term;

  3. support and build deeper, broader and more integrated capacity in the city; and

  4. prioritize and strengthen investment decisions.